Thursday, August 26, 2004

My Great Great Uncle. And a Hatfield.

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This man is named Devil Anse Hatfield. He is the OG of the Hatfield clan, and hails from Western Virginia/Kentucky. He was an alcoholic and a murderer. He is my great great uncle.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Washington, DC and Brilliance

I am missing DC a lot these days, mainly because it's August but here in SF it feels like December. I think today is the first day I've seen the sun since the first week of August. No joke.

DC summers were so muggy and gross, but you definitely understood the seasons. And it snowed in the winter, which I definitely miss. But there was something really beautiful about the summers there. DC was so lush, especially in my neighborhood. Summer was a time when you really felt like you were living in the South: tons of fireflies, sitting on the porch at night drinking beer, listening to frogs and crickets, daily thunderstorms that lasted like, 5 minutes. I heard this song today by the Softies and I wanted to be transported to my old house on 19th Street. The house next door to mine was a big punk rock house. Ian Mackaye was always coming and going, I think some members of Fugazi and the MakeUp lived there. They were rather unfriendly, but it was definitely exciting.

In other news, today I learned my husband is a genius, for reals. He took the GRE today and scored an almost perfect score. He'll definitely get into Berkeley for sure. Damn.