Monday, April 30, 2007

Food Blog: Meat vs. Vegan Pt. 2

Cooking is fun:

Vegan: "Chicken Way" (tofu dipped in olive oil, coated in nutritional yeast & vegetarian powdered chicken broth), sauteed kale, and millet

To begin:

Vegan meal

Half cup nutritional yeast and half cup powdered "chicken" broth:

Nutritional yeast

Sliced cutlets firm tofu:


Coat tofu in olive, then dry mix:

Coating the tofu

Ready for the oven:

Food Porn 013

Lovely organic dino kale:

Food Porn 014

Slice, rinse and drain:

Food Porn 017

Saute with garlic and olive oil:

Food Porn 018

Who needs McDonald's? Liberally sprinkle greens with ume vinegar for some kick:

Food Porn 019


Food Blog: Meat vs. Vegan Pt. 1

To Begin:


The Meat Dinner:
Chuletas (pork chops), spaghetti with freshly grated pecorino cheese, olive oil and fresh ground pepper, and steamed asparagus.

Pork chops marinating in adobo, orange and lemon juice, garlic and cider vinegar:

Marinating pork chops

Spaghetti & pecorino cheese (okay, this one's a little boring):

Pecorino Cheese

So's this one:


A happy customer:




Va Bene!


I will post something soon!

I promise!